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Flow Contemporary Wetrooms


Fully fitted wetrooms from concept to completion 

What is a wetroom ? 

Wetrooms are waterproofed (tanked) rooms or shower areas more commonly of a room to facilitate a shower enclosure.

They usually require a special waterproof floor former which is set into your existing floor and which is what forms the correct falls for the water to flow to the drain outlet over which it is tiled to give a traditional tiled floor finish either with a mosaic non slip tile or a larger non slip tile.

Where can they be installed ?

These can be installed upstairs or downstairs in most houses depending mainly on your floor profile.

If you require level access showering (i.e. the wetroom tiled floor is finished level or flush to the surrounding tiled floor) then the shower drain needs to be installed under your existing floor.

This is usually possible to do in most cases except in some apartment installations where the floor can be poured  concrete or unbreachable to recess the drain into.In this case an alternative raised tiled shower area can be achieved which can still give the desired wetroom tiled floor look but not being level access.

Benefits of a wetroom

Bespoke can be made to fit any size shower area or shape.

Can be fitted to existing concrete or wooden floors.

Contemporary design and minimalistic in appearance.

Suitable to use with underfloor heating.

Can give the illusion of more space and opens up a room.

Level access showering, no step or lips suitable for elderly and less-abled showering.

Easy to keep clean and maintain.

Can be fully enclosed with shower doors or simply just a single glass wetroom glass panel depending on area involved.

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